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10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Although some may not know the origins of Valentine’s Day (that originated from perverted pagan festivals in ancient history), it is still a widely celebrated day for to-be couples and the presently coupled. Following that, the recurring question in most people’s mind is “what should I get for my significant other so that they can feel special?!”


Well, well, below are my tips to make them feel extra special.

1.Something Handmade

Personally, I’ve always like making things for my friends, but whether or not they like it, is another thing. (They always tell me they like it anyway).

I’m not talking about just any random weird DIYs, I’m talking about really knowing what they’d like, and because you’ve put effort into it, they would love the thought it (even if it’s not so easy on the eye)!


You know the saying, it’s the thought that counts.

2.Something Thoughtful

I know, I know, you might think, “Hello, I came here for some ideas and you’re asking me to think for myself?!” I mean, every person is different, and if you love them, you will know what to get them. It could be that trip she mentioned a few months ago or a watch for that time when he broke his. Just listen and you will be amazed by what you could do for them.


A box of dust?! You know I’ve always wanted that!

3.A Home-Cooked Dinner

Going along with number 1, this one is similar, except it’s edible. Everyone needs food to survive, right? So if you give them something that makes them survive one more night, I think they’d be really thankful!


Time for dinner, happy Valentine’s day!

Hopefully, you’re not a kidnapper who actually doesn’t feed your “date”. Jokes aside, you should make a dinner with his/her favourite meal, with fine wine and everything! And if it doesn’t turn out well, you guys can still opt to go out and eat.

4. A Song/Making a Scene (in a good way)

This one is self-explanatory from the title.


You see rom-coms with scenes of a person blasting their boombox outside of your window trying to serenade you, but how often do you see that happening in Malaysia? On a special day, go outside their window with your Bluetooth speaker and blast a song that speaks what your soul yearns for.

Say Anything (1989)


Or if you’re talented enough, get those fingers moving! 😉 Time to make some use from the hundreds of hours and ringgits of force learnt piano/guitar.


Okay so maybe if you play the drums, it might be a bit hard to compose a love song.


If you watched Camp Rock circa 2008, you might know the song Introducing Me by Nick Jonas. Taking inspiration from that, your love song’s lyrics can be about your significant other, and it could just be some simple chords with lyrics about how you guys met!

Camp Rock (2008)

If you ran out of words, it doesn’t have to be actual lyrics, just doos and las!

5.Making Them Feel Like They’re in a Movie

Find out what romance films they like to watch, and steal those skills! Letting them experience something they’ve only seen in movies will be very interesting and dramatic (in a good way)!


Example 1:


If they like Twilight, bring her to a resort in the forest to have a picnic and slowly kiss her neck.

Example 2:

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams – Visuel de l’Affiche


Credit: The Notebook (2004)

Or if they’re into the Notebook, look at the weather forecast and bring her out when it rains! You’ll know what to do next 😉 Remember to take a steamy shower immediately after so that you guys don’t catch a cold.

6. Photo Album

Remember how fun it was to look through old photo albums? It’s too bad that in this modern day and age, technology has obsoleted the use of photo album like the old times. Now, it’s time to bring it back! I know, posting that Instagram post for your loved one for everyone to see is the norm, but it can be special to make a photo album just for their eyes only.

You can develop the pictures in your local photo shop or use your Instax if you have it. This can be a yearlong project where you secretly take a photo of them every day!

If you think 365 pictures is too much and you don’t have that much of self-discipline, one picture per month can be done as well. It could be a picture of the most memorable day together in that month as a remembrance for the future.


Not sponsored by photobook, but it’s an application that you can try.

7. A Love Letter

Pour your heart out! Write that letter about how much you appreciate them, how much you love them, or how you feel in general!

Normally people would just send a bouquet of flowers with the note that says “Happy Valentine’s Day” but make yours personalised.

Maybe you forget or maybe you guys just never had the habit, but writing a long letter (well depending on how creative you are) that tells them how much you love them will definitely get their heart fluttering, making them feel appreciated.

Writing the letter can jog your memory about the good times you guys have together and rekindle your love for them.


A heart-warming letter to bring a smile onto anyone’s face.

8.Take-Two Days Off to Spend Time with Them

This might not apply to everyone, but if you can, why not? You can take them on a very long weekend trip, plus it could be a break from work as well! Unless you’ve just celebrated Chinese New Year, you probably have some off days that you could take.

Love isn’t only shown through giving gifts, therefore spending quality time with them can be a gift itself. Both of you can take a break from the hectic work life and just have some well – deserved rest. You guys can nap together, or maybe do something else on the bed (like reading together).

Portrait of a happy young couple under a blanket looking at the camera


Look how happy they are! Probably from finishing a darn good book.


Of course, if you don’t already know, remember to show them love all weekend long by hugging them and telling them how much you appreciate them!

9. Get Them Something Useful

You might think, is this writer running out of ideas? Maybe! But don’t get a one-off gift that’ll just end up in the storeroom or the drawer. Instead, get them something they need that they can use every day.

For example, if they complain about the commute being packed, get them a car!

Or if they complain about being Starbucks being expensive, get them a coffee machine!

By getting them something they can use every day, it can remind them of you, and in turn, they will remember how thoughtful you are and how much you love them!


Okay, so if you can’t afford a car for them, maybe you can find a good job listing near their place of stay! Or better yet, a place near YOUR place of stay… 😉

Best… Partner… nuff said?

10. Helping Them Out

Okay… Weird gift? Not really! You can help them do their dishes, mop their floor, or clean their bathroom! Since they need to do these chores anyways, why not reduce their workload? Let them relax and enjoy the day! Even if you’re husband and wife, maybe you can offer to take care of the kids for the week to let them relax. Little things like this are what’s important in making a relationship. Action speaks louder than words, so go ahead and help them out!

Credit: One Direction (2010-2015)

One Direction knows all too well what I’m talking about the little things!

And here concludes my gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, some of them help you and your significant other. Remember, you shouldn’t love them more on one specific day in a year, loving them should be 365 days a year 😉

If you’ve made it this far even though you don’t have a lover, why are you reading this? Kidding, but if you don’t end up with a date, relax. It’s no big deal, it’s just a day, and maybe you can gift these gifts to one of your family members! I mean, your family is the ones who loved you first.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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