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10 Best Father’s Day Gift in Malaysia

People said Father’s Day celebrates one of our real-life superheroes. This man has been with you since the very beginning whether he is your dad, or grandfather. Father’s day is just around the corner. It is time for you to get him a unique and memorable gift and make him feel special. But what to buy? To help you along, The Love Read gathered 10 unique gifts for your coolest dad and grandpa this Father’s Day.

Beard Trimmer

Gift in Malaysia

Source: gearpatrol


If your dad loves having a clean beard, this is a gift you can consider.

Your dad should enjoy a smooth shave with a quality beard trimmer.

You can get your beard trimmer ideal from Amazon

Essential oil

Gift in Malaysia

Source: Elcarim

gift for father's day

Source: Elcarim


Essential oils are not just for women. Essential oils may have some interesting health applications.

For instance, smelling lavender or sandalwood oil has been shown to improve our sleep quality. Buy for him a natural pure essential oil to help him relax after a tedious day.

Get this as a gift to pamper your superhero with some natural products to replace what he is already using!

Health is the greatest gift! We believe this will be the most amazing gift this year for every father.

You can get your essential oil ideal from here


Gift in Malaysia

Source: bellroy


Every man deserves a good wallet. It is a fantastic gift idea for dad.

Choose a good quality wallet that can keep his money safely and accommodate his cards.

You can get custom high-quality leather, made-to-order but this usually takes a while to arrive so please make sure to order ahead of time! 

We believe your dad will be happy and feel appreciated.

Eyeglass holder

eyeglass holder

Source: etsy


Buy a classic eyeglass holder for him. If your dad always cannot remember where he last placed of his glass then you can consider this gift for dad.

Foot massager

foot massager

Source: productnation


He might appreciate a foot massager especially when he is on his feet all day.

Get him a quality foot massager as it will aid in relaxation after a long tedious day.

A good massager is convenient for relaxation not only the foot but the whole body.  

Whiskey barrel & Cooling Pint Glasses

father's day gift

Source: wineenthusiast


father's day gift

Source: bestproducts


If your dad is a whiskey lover, get this gift for him. It is one of the most famous Father’s Day Gifts in Malaysia. Besides, get cooling pint glasses for your dad. With this beer gift, what dad has to do is pop these cooling glasses in the freezer for about an hour and he can enjoy a cold beer whenever he likes! 

You can get this gift from Amazon

Personalised mugs

personalized mug

Source: etsy


Choose a porcelain or ceramic mug that is durable and microwave safe.

Buy him a customized mug with a beautiful text (Best Dad Ever) or his photo.

It will be a great gift as it will make him feel happy every morning.

A simple gift can make an impact on this special day too!


gift for dad

Source: perfectionwatches


A watch is an ideal gift to give to somebody who means a lot to you. We always need to tell the time so a watch is a timeless gift.

A good watch will compliment his dress code. Get him a fashion and quality watch that is durable.


Father's gift

Source: androidpit


Who does not use a smartphone in this current technological era?

A new smartphone will be useful and valuable for your father, it will help him to stay digitally connected.

If your dad is involved in mobile gaming (Candy crush for example), then you can get him a smartphone with long-lasting battery life.

We believe your dad will be impressed with this gift. So, getting a smartphone for your superhero will be a wonderful gift.  


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